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About Grow Energy

Grow Energy has a long history in the battery and energy industry, our goal is to take the unpleasant surprise of a failed battery, by supplying both quality and service to meet your needs. We have a broad range of sizes and battery chemistry, including automotive, lithium, deep cycle, home energy storage etc. Cannot get to us, we are happy to arrange delivery and installation 



Grow Energy is managed and owned by industry veteran Scott Davies. After being involved in the battery industry for over 30 years, setting up battery wholesale and retail outlets across Australia, Scott Davies and his brothers turned their focus to battery services for motoring clubs such as RACV, NRMA and AAA. It worked, the company going global and the Davies brothers becoming world experts on batteries. In recent years, they've distributed and installed nearly two million units each year.

After conquering the battery industry, Scott turned his focus to setting up Eco Retreats helping companies and individual find more sustainable solutions. Hummingbird Eco Retreat on the Mornington Peninsula operated for 7 years and is currently closed for major renovation with new owners.

As his passion turned to environment and sustainability, renewable energy became the number one focus for homes and business to reduce carbon footprint and cost efficient. Batteries have emerged as the vital part to our changing world. The humble battery is the most expensive item for solar installation, electric vehicle and electric bikes. These 3 areas all now use lithium ion batteries. Our business model focuses on these 3 areas as we become Victoria's leader in batteries for solar, deep cycle AGM batteries, electric vehicle charging systems and electric bike batteries.